"Your global added value partner"

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"Your global added value partner" – that is what we would like to be. Supplying added value to you as grower or exporter is therefore our core business in our view. Together with you, we want to increase the value of your final product. We do this by designing, realising, producing and delivering contemporary client-specific flower and plant pots in various materials. In accordance with your specific wishes and with an eye on the latest trends.

Thanks to many years of international experience and extended product knowledge we can almost always make the perfect Pot-Plant combination for you. But of course it is not only experience and product knowledge that make us into the ideal partner for many growers and exporters. It is, first and foremost, about looking and listening. Looking at your products and listening to your expertise and wishes with regard to product design. Because, by looking and listening properly, we can give you expert advice and supply the correct products

We want to make things as easy as possible for you. The complete concept: design, quality, packing, logistics and efficiency, they are all tuned optimally to each other. That is what we understand by adding value at VBI FILIPPO. True value!